All products are non toxic and non corrosive so they are safe for you, your car, motorcycle, airplane, RV & the environment.

  • Metro Shine Company Waterless Car Wash
    • Removes dirt from entire exterior of the vehicle including windows and wheels and leaves behind a polymer coating with UV protectant and lasting shine. Also used on interior dash, consoles, panels & vinyl/leather seats to leave a clean & UV protected surface.
  • Metro Shine Company Prep Detergent
    • Removes bugs, tar, salt and hard to remove elements on exterior of vehicle including bumpers, side mirrors and wheels. Also used on interior dash, consoles and panels for heavy debris/sticky surfaces & spot removal on carpet/cloth seat stains.
  • Metro Shine Company Tire Shine
    • Leaves a new tire look on the tire, not a greasy finish to collect dust & create kick up on the side of vehicle.

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